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Reality is ever-changing. Knowledge, experience, circumstance... everything shapes a person's reality, every second that goes on. Some may share their worlds, but all live in different realities.

This isolation that people live in may be what first drew 'their' interest. Or perhaps they themselves are driven by a different sort of machine. But regardless, through means unknown, they have found a way to mix realities to their selection. To change the way the world itself works. It's a grand experiment or it's a fantastic game. But it's the new reality.

The world you're familiar with seems a little different, now. You can't remember your nightmares these days but you have them more often than ever before. And a strange world of darkness and starlight keeps drawing you in.

Welcome to the machine.


Reality Shifted is a panfandom roleplaying game, allowing for multiple, deviant versions of characters. Based in each character's home territory, characters continue living their lives as normal - almost. As minds bend and twist, realities follow.


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